Level 1 Tumbling: 

Our level 1 tumbling class will provide the basic standing and running tumbling including forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, along with cartwheels and roundoffs.  

Level 2 Tumbling: 

Our level 2 tumbling classes will provide basic tumbling skills through various strength training stations and progressions.  Your child will work up to a  standing back handspring as well as a series of back handsprings in this class.

Leve 3 Tumbling:  

Our level 3 tumbling class will build upon the skills learned in the first two levels.  Your child will work up to a series of standing back handsprings along with back and front tucks.

Level 4/5 Tumbling: 

Our level 4/5 tumbling classes will provide tumbling skills based on your tumbler's current skill level including connecting skills, twisting, and speciality tumbling passes.  Strength and progressions will be the focus in order to help each individual tumbler hone their current skills.