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When Is Registration?:  

WLAC runs ongoing classes with monthly payments.   Therefore, registration is always open.  We will prorate a monthly payment based on a student's start date. 

How Do I Register?:  

Please visit the following link to register: WLAC Registration Form. If you are already registered, please call or email to enroll.

Which Class Should I Choose?: 

Please call us at 815-675-3005 or come visit us and we will assist in helping you determine which class is best for you or your child.  If you would like your child to be evaluated with one of our coaches in order to find the best placement, we will schedule an appointment during one of our open gyms.  This is the best time to ensure a proper evaluation can take place.

Remember...Parents often want their children in an older or more advanced class than is appropriate. It is best to keep children in a class where they can achieve success and be comfortable with the skills they are doing before moving on to the next level. It is much better to move a child up if the level is too easy than to move them down. All motor skills take time to learn and perfect. Please have patience with the learning process. It is always best to sign up for more than 1 class for increased retention of skills learned. 

What Should Students Wear?: 

For safety, students should dress in proper clothing. It is recommended that girls wear leotards; however, shorts, T-shirts, or warm-ups are acceptable. Long hair should be tied back. Boys should wear shorts and a T-shirt or warm-ups. All shoes and coats must remain in the lobby or cubby area and placed in the coat and shoe racks. Absolutely no food, gum, or drink other than water is allowed in the gym. Please do not send your children to class with jewelry or other expensive personal items. WLAC, LLC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. 

What Costs Are There?: 

Class fees are monthly.  An annual membership fee of $35.00 per student is due each year. The membership fee is good for a period of 1 year from the date it is paid. 

Discounts:  WLAC offers various discounts.

First child............................Full tuition fee
Second child ......................20% off tuition fee
Third child or more...............25% off tuition fee

Second Class 35% OFF

We feel that it is most beneficial for students to enroll in more than 1 class per week. Doing so not only gives the child more time to practice skills, but gives them the opportunity to obtain greater strength and flexibility which are vital in skill development. Students that enroll in a second or third class will receive 35% off the additional class fees.

To take advantage of the discounts, please speak with someone in the front office and they will ensure applicable discounts are applied.